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Joel throws musical paint at a blank canvas whilst releasing some tension and Shane gets stood up and rained on by the best dynamic weather an umbrella can withstand.

Less "Rock Around The Clock" and more "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" with Uncle Neil.

It's Pay Day for Shane on Halloween but sadly the artists aren't getting their proper cut. Joel talks through his considerations to cancel Spotify based on the recent news of unfair royalty payments.

Music streaming services vs. curmudgeon old record spinners in a battle to decide who gets more hits in the top 100. Starts off strange but the tubes warm up and so does the episode. Turn the volume dial clockwise and enjoy another episode of good music and goofy banter with Joel and Shane.

Joel and Shane deviate from the usual agenda to celebrate ABOG's 50th episode. The guys pour a few beers and then reminisce about the first 49, history and favorite moments.

It's important to buy a stanjo for your banjo. This and other valuable life lessons provided by Joel and Shane in another entertaining episode of ABOG Podcast.

Shane, born wearing ice skates, makes Joel and Death From Above 1979 Canadians and Joel eats all the cookies.

Shane and Joel are joined by long-time friend of the show Karl Palmer and he fits in tighter than Michael Jackson's glove. Together they share fresh tunes from the best local/independent artists, talk lots of music and then hit up a full side B of video game discussion.

Joel could take a hint from Shane's mastery of the whole body cleansing thing in order to gain more coffee and guitar time. Great music, impressions of Gaslight Anthem's Get Hurt album and side B content that goes off the rails in a new episode of ABOG Podcast.

Joel and Shane buy new guitars and can't help but talk about them in Side B but only after they cover a few covers in Side A. Beers, music conversation and a generous mix of great songs round out the episode.